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Re-Critical Theory: On the Tasks of Social Philosophy

The understanding of social philosophy mooted by Critical Theory as an alternative to political philosophy, carries the traces of the historical-social period in which it emerged. Realities such as the irrationalization of political institutions, the pathological state of the democratic functioning, the emergence of wars, the prevalence of fascism, the totalization of individual autonomy, and monopoly state capitalism have been effective in the formation of the social philosophy of Critical Theory. In this study, I argue that the social philosophy understanding of Critical Theory is convenient for explaining the present-day historical-social reality due to the historical-social context in which it emerged. Today, wars still continue, fascism prevails on a wide scale, the rift between the poor and the rich is widened, the autonomy of individuals is totalized till their cells by surveillance and control, and criticism is tried to be silenced. In such an atmosphere, it is necessary to reconsider the tasks of Critical Theory and social philosophy because of the historical-social similarities between the two different periods. However, the attempt to reappraisal Theory and therefore philosophy is an attempt aimed at practice as well as theoretical. Social philosophy aiming at "the difference one" has an approach that can shed light on the issue of change in an atmosphere where efforts to change the world have been defeated. For all these reasons, the main claim of this study is that the tasks of social philosophy are still valid today and that it has an important place in grasping the historical-social reality we are in.


Social Philosophy, Theory and Practice, Eclipse of Reason, Critical Theory, Postmodernism and Neoliberalism.


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