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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


A Contextual Approach for Freedom of Speech: The Case of Academic Sphere

This paper will be an effort to argue for a context-based approach to freedom of speech and speech legislations by a distinction between general social spheres and academic spheres, especially universities. Within the sphere of general public, the regulation of hate speech is might be more justifiable for specific reasons that is related with the character of public sphere. On the other hand, the universities are the places where the boundaries of mainstream laws and morality are always being tested. This feature of universities should be the essential places where we can open everything to scrutiny which requires a certain character that allows coping with offensive and controversial remarks going against our beliefs and opinions. However, contemporary trend in universities, in the name of expanding hate speech regulations, works against the ideals of academic spheres in several ways, mostly in denying to give platform to controversial speakers. This creates a contrast that worth discussion between the ideals of academic spheres and the practices hold sway through the actions increasing pressure on free speech within that sphere.


freedom of speech, hate speech, academy, no-platforming


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