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From Yellow Vests to Anti-Vaxxer: Social Opposition in France

The main purpose of this study is to understand social opposition within the framework of “Yellow Vests” and “Anti-vaxxers” who have been occupying French public opinion in recent years. One of the main goals of this study is to understand the structure of social opposition movements that have grown independent of the traditional opposition as a result of increased inequality in France, where society is appeared to be divided as a result of neo-liberal policies. For this reason, instead of addressing social movements literature in general, social groups on which these two social movements are based will be examined by discussing current debates on “Yellow Vests” and “Anti-vaxxer” in France. Although this article is based on the descriptive research methodology, findings that are based on field observation are also provided between the lines. The main argument of this article is that the cultural interpretation of these movements by the mainstream media will not be sufficient to explain these phenomena, which cannot be downgraded into a common ground. Another argument of the article is that without considering the heterogeneous structure of these movements, which are horizontally structured, do not have a union history, and have limited ideological affiliations will be insufficient, and class dynamics should not be overlooked. In this regard, first, a general framework will be presented in the introduction chapter, and the movement of “Yellow Vests” will be analyzed. In the second chapter, “anti-vaxxer” will be discussed, and the conclusion will be presented.


France, Yellow Vests, Anti-vaxxer, Social class


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